Public Relations Professionals

25 Feb

Throughout my four years of studying the art of communication and learning the ins and outs of Public Relations, it makes me realize that this field of study is perfect for me.  In Public Relations, I understand how to: create press releases, newsletters, maintain social media sites, composing proper emails, being on-call at any time of the day, and working excellent with others. Good communication is a skill that I feel that I have, and it will get even better with time. I listen to what people say, understand other peoples arguments, and try to be the best communicator possible.

Lately, Public Relations took a turn and seem to focus more on social media marketing sites. Social media sites need constant attention and proper upkeep. There are proper ways to maintain a professional social media site, which I am very skilled in. Even though Public Relations may not be all interpersonal communication, but social media as well, I am a happy to accept any job offer, and perform at the best of my abilities. I am an excellent communicator, and have great social media skills. I can be very persuasive, have amazing ideas, and communicate extremely well with other people.  I am extremely excited to be a part of a team of Public Relation Professionals, learn from others, and grow in the PR field.


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